How to Plan the Development of Your Own Nutritional Supplement

Recent trends in medicine show that the focus is shifting from curing disease to preventive health. The aim of medical research is to ensure that people do not simply live longer, but that they remain healthy and independent for as long as possible. Growing research in the role of nutrients in helping to prevent disease has shown much potential and is critical. Not only is this trend present in the USA, but other countries all over the world show a rise in nutritional health product usage.

According to a report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. the World Herbal Supplements and Remedies Market is planned to reach US $ 22.9 billion by 2010. The safety and efficiency of these products backed by scientific research and clinical trials is expected to create consumer interest and expand market opportunities. An aging population will also increase the demand for nutritional health products. Certainly the nutritional supplement industry is poised for profit-making business. However, the main goal of a neutralaceuticals manufacturer is to offer a valuable nutritional supplement to the consumer which will produce the results it claims to have. While profit is to be made, we need to remember that it can not be made by fraudulent claims, or sub-standard raw materials at the expense of the customer's health. Here are some guidelines for planning the development of your own nutritional supplement:

  • If you are qualified expert in the field of nutrition, studying research and upcoming research on bio-nutrients will help. If not, you will need to hire a panel of experts to help you know the value of nutrients, their approved research, safety of use, and its recommended dosage. Study also combination of nutrients which will enhance the effectiveness of each nutrient.
  • Study various products available in the market. Study customer demand.
  • Choose an age group you want to target or a range of health products covering all age groups, depending on your capital.
  • Formulate the distinctive of your company – what makes you different from the hundreds of other health supplement companies? Create brand recognition.
  • Pay attention to creative labeling. Get a good graphic designer if you need to. Make sure labels are accurate and have the proper disclaimers on them and comply with legal requirements. Also put a bar code on your labels.
  • Pricing your Product: To price effectively, study the market for similar products, look at all the costs involved in running your company, and keep in mind that the retailers who carry your line must also be able to make a profit and pay their bills. Test different pricing structures if you are unsure, until you find the perfect one for your company.
  • Create a website which offers scientific information about your product, and friendly customer support.
  • Use good advertising and the use of various media to attract customers. Offer special pricing on trial offers.
  • Contact major distributors and also create marketing material to educate the retailer on your product, or at least supply him with leaflets which answer FAQs about your product, using real testimonials or doctors' endorsements.
  • Make sure the supplement manufacturing company you are using will certify each batch for quality. From time to time, get your products tested from another third party to ensure you are actually selling the quality product you are claiming.
  • No matter how good and effective the product is, it is always wise to get insurance to protect yourself from customers out to make money by suing.

Lastly, look for a reputed health supplement manufacturing company which will help you customize your product formula. Work with manufacturers who choose to volunteer to GMP standards or a company that can assure you of a high level of quality control. This will help to build credibility and consumer trust.

Source by Kevin A.