We Can Relieve the #1 Concern Older Americans Share

According to surveys conducted by The National Council on Aging, the #1 concern of respondents over 60 is maintaining good health and getting good healthcare. 

Although we cannot guarantee your health, we can help you get the most out of your healthcare plan. 

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Since assuring that Medicare beneficiaries enhance their Medicare benefits with quality coverage from affordable companies, we work to help people plan -- so they don't need to worry.

If you can invest 1 hour, we will invest our time and experience in offering you customized suggestions for your area, your lifestyle, and of course, your healthcare needs and budget.

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Our Medicare review won't obligate you to anything. You don't have to take our suggestions or buy any policies we recommend. However, we do plan to take the time to learn about you and make personal suggestions. Lots of people who are turning 65 or are 65 and over ask for these services, so we want to provide them to people who are serious enough to invest the price of a sandwich in learning how to plan for their good healthcare.

How Will Our Information Help You Make Better Medicare Insurance Choices?

We our decades combined knowledge of the Medicare system, combined with our continuing education of all things Medicare, we can truly help you decide which plan is best for your individual needs. Most of our clients benefit from one of the these plans: 

    Medicare Plan F

This is the most comprehensive coverage and currently the most popular Medigap plan on the market.

    Medicare Plan G

Plan G usually costs less than Plan F and offers all benefits but coverage for the Medicare Part B deductible.

    Medicare Plan N

This affordable option covers everything that Plan G does, but it imposes more cost-sharing in the form of modest copays and deductibles.

Also, remember that no matter which insurance company you purchase a plan from, the benefits will be exactly the same; only the price will be different.

Even when Medicare beneficiaries know which plan they want to shop for and that the price won't impact their benefits, researching Medicare insurance can still be time-consuming and complex. Average people can't be expected to know which insurers are likely to stay in business and have people to answer the phone when they call. This is where we come in. 

To compare Medicare insurance companies, you need to remember how supplements work:

    Supplements all offer standard benefits

Medicare insurance companies have to offer the same benefits for each plan. They are free to set their prices, and these premiums may vary by area and in some cases, by applicant. Most Americans can choose between several insurers that do business in their area. Some insurers may not market in your area or might only market certain plans.

    Consumers shouldn't just shop by price

While most Medicare recipients are eager to find a competitive price, the current premium shouldn't be the only factor used to judge an insurance company. You might also consider the company's financial and price stability, longevity, and record of providing prompt claims handling and customer service.

    You should find the best available insurance plan for your own needs

Your anticipated healthcare needs may impact your choice of one specific Medigap plan. For instance, the cost-sharing aspect of Plan N might help you save money on premiums if you're relatively healthy or just need routine healthcare. If you do need to access certain medical services frequently, Plan G or Plan F might control costs better.

We Hope To Help You Even More

In good conscience, we can only offer general suggestions to a general audience. Through our agency, we obtain plenty of insider information about what goes on behind the scenes. We have also had the benefit of serving clients over the span of decades. We have heard the stories about their experiences with healthcare in different stages of their lives.

This is not just the kind of information you will find on an online quote system or in an internet article. We believe we have already offered you the value of the best suggestions we can make without knowing more about you:

  • If you can supply us with your location and a few more essential pieces of information, we can tailor our suggestions for you. 
  • We will also show you exactly how our suggestions can help you save money on both premiums and healthcare costs. 
  • We also work to ensure that you enjoy exceptional service from a highly rated insurance company that plans to stay around.

7 Benefits of a Medicare Review

So, what do you get in this free Medicare Review?
Let us clearly specify the seven essential advantages of this offer.

  • I will customize my suggestions, based upon your age, region, gender, and income.  
  • These suggestions are based upon my list of 130 Medicare supplement companies and many decades of experience with clients and Medicare insurers. 
  • I consider each company's ratings for customer service, claims handling, financial stability, and other objective measures. 
  • I can offer you updated information, based upon the insider information that my agency can access. 
  • I also provide cautions about certain companies that you may want to avoid. 
  • Naturally, I will look for the most competitive premiums in your market, and I will also let you know about available discounts. 
  • I will help you balance your potential healthcare needs against the premiums.

In other words, I don't just want to offer you the general information you can find anywhere on the internet. I satisfy my clients by learning about them and tailoring suggestions to them personally. The best Medicare supplement for you might not be the one that I would suggest to your neighbor or cousin.

For example:

In some cases, you might be able to take advantage of a premium discount if you enroll in the same plan as your spouse.

In other cases, the plan that would work the best for you might not be the same one I would suggest for your husband or wife.

Take Advantage of Our Free Medicare Review and Enjoy Benefits for a Lifetime

My Mother and I have been serving Medicare insurance clients for thirty-five years. Right now, my Mother is also a Medicare beneficiary. This means that we understand the system from both sides. While we have helped other people enhance their benefits, we are also careful to make sure that my Mother accesses quality, affordable healthcare. You can be sure that I would offer the same suggestions to you that I would offer to my own Mother if she were in the same situation as you are.

We are extremely motivated to help as many people as possible make the most of their Medicare benefits. Most of all, we want to help Medicare beneficiaries really enjoy their senior years. Since one of the biggest concerns that seniors have is over affordable and accessible healthcare, we want to be the ones to relieve this worry with the best options on the market. Get your free Medicare review today and stop worrying about your healthcare.

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