Tennessee Health Insurance – How To Choose

Most people buy health insurance through an employer. In Tennessee your employer selects the insurance company and plans available for you. There are several reasons people choose their own insurance. The self-employed, part-time employees, and employees of companies that do not provide insurance. Also, many people have learned it is sometimes cheaper to provide their family with a separate policy through a private insurance company while the employee stays on the company policy.

So how do you choose which company is best for you? You can go online and find several insurance web sites. This takes time and a lot of research on company ratings and plans and benefits. Many times you can call an insurance company and talk to an agent who will explain benefits and quotes to you. These agents are called captive agents because they only work for one insurance company. But how do you compare different insurance companies?

Tennessee and North Carolina have several different insurance companies available. An independent insurance agent is an agent who has access to different insurance companies. This type of agent can compare plans and premiums for you in order for you to make an informed decision. An independent agent can advise you of the different underwriting rules for each company. It does not cost you extra to use an independent insurance agent and the benefits of their knowledge can save you time and often save you money.

Insurance companies vary in underwriting guidelines such as weight and health conditions. One company may not accept a certain health condition, but another may. An insurance company may have different weight chart guides. An independent agent can research your options and find the company best for your situation.

Source by Toni King