If I have HIV/AIDS-can I still get life insurance?

Hi, I’m Mitch Winstead with Allstar Senior Benefits.  I can only imagine- it must be tough enough living with this condition, let alone having to think about life insurance.  I have some good news, you CAN get life insurance. However, you will have to pay more for it.  It is still reasonable. Just because you have to pay more for it does it mean you should not get it.  Call today, my website is www.allstarseniorbenefits.com   My toll-free number is 866-598-8170.  Or 910-538-4547.  Don’t let the Idea of the cost stop you. Most people think that they just cannot get insurance because they have this diagnosis. Whole life companies would be the ones you would want to contact to take out this type of insurance. I do not think there is a term life policy available for you, so you’ll have to take out a whole life insurance policy. I represent a company that doesn’t ask any questions about your health to qualify for life insurance. The way this works is that for 3 years you will get 110% of what you paid into the policy if you die in that 3 years. After 3 years if you take out a $5,000 or $10,000 life insurance policy your beneficiary will get 100%. Some may frown upon this saying well I’m not going to take it to you like this because in the first three years I’m not going to get the full face amount. In my opinion, this should not stop you because your beneficiary is going to get at least what you paid into the policy plus 10% in the first three years and then a full benefit after the 3 years. please don’t let that be a deterrent because not all life insurance companies will accept a person for life insurance with HIV or Aids or aids-related complex.  Plus we save you THOUSANDS of dollars for not just you- your entire household!  No other company is offering you this!   Several years ago companies were just not taking anybody with HIV or Aids because of the obvious they know that the death rate is high.  So let me talk about myself a little bit like I said I represent an insurance company that will take somebody if they have HIV or Aids my toll-free number is  866 598 870 or 910 538-4547. My email address is mich@allstarseniorbenefits.com.  I have helped a lot of people with various conditions get life insurance. I co-own a physical therapy company called physical therapy for life. I have been licensed as a physical therapist assistant for 23 years. so that lets me have an advantage over other agents because I do understand medical conditions. I understand what medical conditions are and when a person tells me the name of their medicine they’re taking I usually can tell you what they’re taking it for.  Also, I can empathize with a person’s medical condition a little bit better than the average agent because I’ve either helped them rehab their condition or at least I have studied about it. So if you call me on the phone, I’ll know how to help you a little bit better than the other agent. so let’s get back to life insurance. Let’s talk a little bit about the life insurance application. the type of product that helps people get life insurance that has AIDS or HIV is called a guaranteed issue policy. So again there are no health questions to answer. There is no blood test, screenings, medical questions or doctors notes that we have to examine. I just take your information such as your name address phone number and some other details and submit it to the company. so really it’s that simple. I don’t mean to belittle you when I say this but I can only imagine with your condition it’s good to have something simple such as a guaranteed issue life insurance program.  I have even better news for you. Since this is a whole life product, your rate or premium will never increase and your benefits will never decrease.  So you won’t have to worry every night or after a few years and wonder if I get my insurance increased I can’t pay it because it cost too much.  You owe it to yourself and if you have a family to get a life insurance plan in place as soon as possible.   I have helped hundreds of people save money on insurance products.  I don’t mess around.  I have the connections and product knowledge.  I have had clients stay with me for a decade and a half.  By the way, if you happen to have other associated problems with an AIDS or HIV condition, you can still get life insurance.   The companies I work for will work for you.  If you are concerned about the cost, please don’t be.  Yes, the premiums are going to be higher.  Let me give you an example: a $5,000 life insurance policy is only $50.88 monthly.  Remember this is whole life so your premiums won’t increase and your benefits won’t decrease.   You will still get discounts on funeral products for your whole household.  The company actually sent me the same ID card you will get if you do take action and enroll.  I know this may be common sense but I have to say it.   Its best to get insurance at the youngest age possible.   Because it is cheaper.  If you are a financially responsible person and especially if you are an adult, you need life insurance.  What I am going to tell you now will strike you or should strike you as ridiculous.   I spoke to a prospects father and the son is 36 years old.   His father was going to pay the insurance premiums for his son to have life insurance.  All the son has to do is complete the application over the phone with me that would have taken 10 minutes.   We set up a phone time.   So I called and he did not answer.  I emailed him and texted him and he won’t answer.  If someone is paying your premiums for you and you can’t show up to complete the application.    You need to get your head examined.     This is what happens sometimes.  People do dumb things.  He is 36 years old and does not possess good sense.   He had his dad willing to pay his monthly premiums!  And he doesn’t show up to complete the application?   Don’t be like this guy. ‘ Anyway, I will stop.  If I can help you, please give me a call.  My toll-free number is 866-598-8170  of 910-538-4547.   My email address is mitch@allstarseniorbenefits.com.

Mitch Winstead is the owner of Allstar Senior Benefits.  His website is www.allstarseniorbenefits.com  and his Facebook page is www.facebook.com/medsuppguru