Medicare Supplement Plan G

The plan G is a fantastic plan with just one small deductible to pay. After you meet this annual deductible Plan G pays 100% of the gaps in Medicare Part A and B just like Medigap Plan F.

If you’re considering Plan F or have had it for a few years this is the hottest plan right now.   It could save you hundreds of dollars per year!



Plan G is a high-coverage, low-cost supplement plan that is a good choice for many Medicare subscribers who have extensive medical needs. You will want to sort through quite a few Medicare supplement Plan G quotes for 2017 to make sure you are finding the one that costs the least.

Now Plan G is one of the higher-coverage plans, but it won’t cover every supplemental expense. Essentially, it only leaves a Medicare Part B deductible for Medicare subscribers to pay out of all supplemental charges. This is $166 for the year 2016. Let’s look at what it does cover though. With this plan, you will have all skilled nursing care covered up to 100 days. You also get covered for some more blood each year (up to three pints) and all Part A coinsurance. That coinsurance applies to hospital fees such as the cost of staying in a room. Even with Medicare and Plan G’s coverage you will still need to pay some of these costs on your own, but they offer a huge buffer between you and massive hospital bills.

Plan G will also cover all co-payments and the Medicare Part A deductible. These are common expenses that would generally be charged almost every time you visit the hospital or go see your doctor. Additionally, Plan G covers your excess charges from Medicare Part B and offers a foreign emergency benefit for people while outside the country.

If you want to save some money on this plan, then you will want to look at a number of different Medicare supplement Plan G quotes for 2017. These quotes cover a plan whose coverage is not changing until at least 2017. And the plan being offered is the same no matter where you buy it from. Medicare ensures that all carriers are providing the same coverage for each plan, regardless of how much you pay for the plan.

That’s why you’ll want to find the lowest price possible. Each company sets their own rates, and some of them may be outside of what you can afford. We can help! It’s easy enough for us in just minutes to find the best rates being offered.

We give you Medicare supplement Plan G quotes for 2016 from major carriers that are offering the plan in your area. That way, it is simple to just look at the available quotes and compare them to see which one is the lowest.

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